It’s Friday, and I work with a bunch of Engineers. So sometimes you walk into the bathroom, and something like this happens:


I had to stop a second and let my brain take in what I was seeing. Sure enough – 3 Effing seashells sitting over the TP dispenser. Some bored IT guy thought it would be hilarious to bring up some part of the 90s I keep trying to forget.


For anyone not familiar with the joke (and meme, I guess?), it comes from the 90s hit Demolition Man (Stallone, Snipes), where one of the running gags is in the future they have replaced toilet paper. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the reference scene from this little gem:


Anyways, I head back to my desk, where I can hear a bunch of of snorting and “I want to make an away response script for my away response to Outlook” from around the corner.

Ugh. Nerds…. I mean I’m one too, I guess, but I hit my quota for today.

Product needs a report on traffic numbers, but I’m heading home, they gonna have to wait ’til Monday!

Happy Friday!




Wait… Seriously, what’s up with the three seashells?
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